Loose Button Luxe Box: Summer 2013 Edition

This is the box that everything comes into! 

All of the items are put in this silky bag which is useful for carried stuff around when you are traveling. 

Hello dolls, 
Loose Button's Luxe Box is a Canadian beauty box that brings its costomers seven samples or full sized products four times a year. A new box comes out as a new season begins. I quite like this system as it means that I don't need to buy a new box each month and I get to try out great products for the whole season to come. This is my second Luxe Box (I didn't feature my fist box on the blog as I had forgotten to take pictures at the time) and I really wanted to share this with you because I love what I received and believe that it is well worth the 26$ that I paid. 

Olay - Tone Correcting Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 15 ($30 if it the same price as the eye cream as this is only coming out in August so the price is still unknown)
I am pretty excited to try this product out as it is my exact shade. I love the fact that this has more coverage than a BB cream but still brings benefits to my skin. I did swatch it on my face and it covers it very well. Hopefully it won't make my face too oily as I think this will be useful for my vacation to the beach. 

I am really happy about this shade. My friend had just posted this exact color on my Facebook wall and I was really tempted in buying it so it is very good that I waited. This shade is pretty similar to Mojito Madness but is a brighter neon which is perfect for the summer. 

I am excited to try this out as I have heard that this brand is amazing! I just hope that this product will work with my skin type, won't make me break out and will take eye makeup off super easy. I love the smell of this.

I have never heard of this brand before but I think I will like it just from the smell. It will be handy to have an extra hand cream in my purse for when I am on the go. I just hope it is a cream that absorbs well into the skin. 

Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli ($6)
I always love receiving perfume samples that I have my eye on and don't know if I should buy or not! After smelling it, I wouldn't say that I would buy a full size product of it because it isn't something that I am quite sure works with me but it will be nice to have in my purse for when I need to freshen up and want to change my scent a little. I love the packaging of this bottle. 

Loose Button Foundation Brush ($?) 
I didn't really need a new another foundation brush but I guess it will come in handy one day as this never really expires. The hair of the brush is really soft. I just wish I would have gotten a skincare or makeup product instead but then again, I could use this to apply the Olay's CC cream. 

Condition Culture - Headbands Knotties & Featherlocks Clip ($6 & $17.50)
As much as I didn't entirely need new hair accessories, I am excited to use these. I love the hair ties in this material so I am excited to see how the headbands will look and if it'll look good with my hair color. These will be useful for when I go for a run. I have never had a feather in my hair so I guess there is a start to everything. It will bring a little pop of color and cuteness to my hair. 

Overall, I am really happy with this box and know that I will use everything that was out in the box. I love knowing that I will be using all of the items and that it was worth the price! The total of my box is around 72$, which is good considering that I paid $26 for it. I am really excited what next season's box will included. 

Have you ever heard of this box? Which item would you be most excited about? 
Have a great day, 

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  1. Please tell me what the Philosophy cleanser is like! I've wanted to try it for ages but have been on the fence as I've seen mixed reviews. I really like the idea of this coming out every season instead of every month!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog


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